Wednesday, March 17, 2010

When the wrong guy calls!

Isn't it so annoying and at the same time sad when you want one person to call and another person does.
This is my story. Two guys, roommates, One I like and the other he's just okay, a little bit boring, but okay. So let's call the first guy Duke and the second George. Duke is absolutely cute and not so funny, but I think he likes me. George, is really quiet and doesn't talk much, which is why I always bug him and get him involved in crazy topic conversations. He doesn't show any sign like he likes me, except recently he's been visiting me and he bought me juice when I wasn't feeling well. Why should I think anything of it, that's what friends would do right? And Duke always visits (my roommate's an old school friend of his) and we all kept bugging George to visit, who would have thought anything more into his innocent visits.

Now when on an off campus elective for a few weeks, George practically calls everyday in the past four weeks and Duke has called only once! Imagine that!
Well at first I think maybe he's just bored and with the way he's quiet he shouldn't have that many friends right? But the conversations are really boring and I have to keep thinking up something new to say. I hate those awkward silences but you can't just say "Man if you have nothing to say just hang up.
So I ask him if he calls his roommates he says he's only called him once! And he calls me almost everyday. There was a time I actually switched my phone off so I don't have to pick his call, and i can't not pick his calls forever. I don't even have good excuses for not picking up and I can't tell him the truth that I actually just don't enjoy talking to him. That would really make him feel bad.
The Dilema: Now I've lost my most powerful conversation stater for when George gets back "Why didn't I hear from you" But even worse, I hope continue with his calls and visits when he gets back, then I would really have to start physically avoiding him!

There's always such trouble when the wrong guy calls. Now I don't know what to do!
Should I wait for him to ask me out and then say no? Or should I try to set things straight right now?(Yeah right, and say what, you're the most boring guy on the planet?)

Well I'll just pray and see what God tells me. Can I get an amen?

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