Friday, March 26, 2010

What a couple of days!

You wouldn't believe what I just went through in the past couple of days with that I mean yesterday and today though.
I had to finish some mega assignment (11page essay) of and another one (4pages) work in one night. And can you imagine when I started working? Yesterday at about 5pm. Yes, and I had to turn the first one into a power point presentation when I was done.
It actually felt good to work so hard. I mean I stayed up till 4am and still wasn't finished by then.
The good thing for me was that the first lecture of the day was cancelled. (could you believe we had been waiting for the lecturer in class for about 15 mins only to call him and find out that he was out of town). I don't even think he knew he was to teach today. Anyway so I used the opportunity to finish what was left of my work and google for some more pictures to add to my power point prez. before printing everything out.

Phew! I was already tired by the time I got there. Did I mention I had to run the presentation through with a friend and borrow a laptop and go to my room twice (the first time I forgot my key at the internet cafe).
At least I was only ten minutes late, but lucky for me my consultant was busy talking to some other people, and we had to wait about thirty minutes.

After all said and done, I think my presentation was a blast!
Not in the good sense of the word though. I couldn't answer questions well. I was so nervous, I couldn't even read from my own slides, everything I said was from my head. And Lastly I think I was very very very boring! The consultant was dozing off. And my audience didn't seem appreciative.

I am just now slowly realizing I have a confidence issue, that I have to deal with, but it won't be easy.

At least I had something to present, and I learnt a lot from it all. And most of all its all over now and I can enjoy a couple of hours of afternoon sleep.

Sweet Dreams dear [Yawning]

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