Friday, March 12, 2010


Definition:- Too many things going through your mind at the same time.
2. Being kept doing something you so do not want to do because you have pressing matters to attend to, especially when its something you can't get out of.
I don't think I handled to day at the ward very well. And the stupid thing of all is that I got myself into that pan of burning hot oil. People can be so annoying and unhelpful. When I explain, Oh I have to be somewhere could you not be understanding enough and just say, okay I'll present it for you?
Mentally I was distressed and tired and seriously anhedonic(absolutelty wrong usage). I just seriously didn't feellike doing what I was supposed to do. And worst of all, which I don't know whether it was a blessing or a curse, my phone rang right in the middle of the presentation and the consultant just gets offended and stops listening to me. I had to appologize at the end of everything anyway, but still its left me feeling like something bad by the time I left the office. Now, I don't feel much like doing what I was itching to do.

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  1. Have you ever got frustrated and depressed and had nothing to give you just a glimmer of hope to rid you of this deadly frustration and to continue the course of life . Actually, everyone,surely, oneday, faced such an ugly frustration and believed that it was the end of life and s/he was the only one who is frustrated and oppressed in this wide world that has none to care for him/her.
    Frustration is a killing feeling that let you burning and boiling until everything evaporates from you and becomes a vacuum body which has nothng to be repaired or recovered again. Like death or worth , it can kills and slays every flesh and beautiful meaning within you ; it is something smothering you bit by bit till you go dead. As a matter of fact , frustration begets revenge , feeling unfair, hating the other and the desire for suicide. Suicided persons really were frustrated and nearly never met anyone who can wake up the hidden power sleeping and latent inside them.
    Most people, I think, believe that everyone of us has a little bit of depression , or something like this, which sweets the life and makes it of great value. But at the same time, people believe deadly frustration is, by way or another , the result of accumulation of frustration, one after another one . you can never get life free from thing displeasing you , except in virtual life of your daydreaming and imagination, but you should know how to relieve and amuse yourself , otherwise every bit of frustration will be added to another untill you get totally-frustrated and then to suicide.
    The problems of life don't end, they renew like day and night and one's ability to handle these problems greatly differs from one to another. Some people when they just face a trivial thing makes it bigger and bigger. Consequently, it becomes the only thing which saddens their life whereas if they met it without paying attention , they would keep themselves away from frustration. So, don't trouble yourself unless the problem is worth thinking about and involving yourself in.
    Then, you are not alone in this life , we never live in isolated island, everyone is surrounded by relatives, friends, acquaintances and good people. Meanwhile, this surrounding is the one that makes you sad or happy , that makes your issues difficult or simple and that keep you safe or makes you horrified. So, inside this crowd of people you can get the guide who can backs you up, amuse you, shares you the happy and the sad and gives you the right tip in appropriate time and, like lion dying of hunger, search for this one and then hold this one firmly. Moreover, you may ,like people, find some places, religious, historic or scenic , can do better than doctor can. Everyone is so emotionally-connected with some place that you just hear its name and you get relieved and pacified. So, we can easily do this.
    After doing this , the one may say to himself I never met problem, I can face any problem and dilemma and nothing can affect me as long as I seek refuge in Allah and know how well to deal with it. So, make frustration the salt that tastes your food better and ever never help it kill you. With seeking refuge in Allah and relying on Him , with confidence of yourself and with patience, sincerity and endurance, actually you can do anything. Bye bye