Friday, March 19, 2010

Healing Rain.

I think there should be such a thing as rain therapy. It's good for the soul to once in a while stand in the rain, heavy or light and like a child who doesn't know better, to dance in the shower or water from heaven. The weather has bee so very warm, or hot, to better describe it. The cool fall of rain is just what mother earth needs to cool it down. the water puddles I played around in were warm and made me wish they were much deeper so that I could swim in them.
As I danced and sang songs about rain to myself, I felt so elated and glad, it was amazing how much joy this odd but simple pleasure brought me. I think it healed me for a moment. I felt so loved by God that He would let rain fall on me. I was drenched and cold, and people were screaming at me to join them cuddling up under small shelters of the tents of vaiours stores and in the small verandas of some office buildings. I'm sure they thought I was out of my mind. Maybe for the moment I was, and I just walked on smiling and feeling acomplished in what I was doing.

It's days and events like these that restore my hope in life. My hope that soon everything will be alright and I will be healed completely....

Have a nice weekend. :-)

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