Monday, June 14, 2010


This is a person I am just discovering myself.
There's so much I want, and wanted to be. I am now finding out who I really am, and the stuff I really like.
First is music. I love JAZZ, not really the modern instrumental stuff or the saxophone business, not really my style. I prefer "the blues" those slow songs with that unique jazz rhythm. I think I would be really good at that. I feel more connected to music before my years, like between the 60's and early 80's. The rock'n'roll. I love those oldies so much, it's surprising. And I thought I didn't like slow love songs! I actually didn't want to, because of what they represented and the things the people who sang them stood for. But for once and only now will I admit the fact; I love the soft rhythm of the blues.

Here's something I always knew though; I love rock music. Not hard rock, or really loud rock, cuz I'm a quiet person who doesn't really like noise. But when I get crazy, and I mean REALLY CRRAAAAAZY, I do enjoy Hillsong (Take it All, is rock right?) Well that's also what I do like.

Another thing is that I'm actually a softy. Yeah, I like soft, sweet romantic stories. I wish I wasn't. I wish I just liked action movies like my brother. But my favourite movies, I hate to admit, are romantic comedies. I don't actually like watching them because they distort the meaning of real love to mean you have to have sex. And all these movies condone pre-marital sex, which I'm against.

My favourite movie of all time, for now, is FIREPROOF. I tell my friends it's all about the technicalities and stuff, but it's really because I like the story, and the guy gets the girl in the end. Another favourite is IF ONLY, I think it's a classic. I would never admit it in public or recommend it to anyone. It's the sweetest story ever, except that the guy dies in the end. Last I would mention is JUST LIKE HEAVEN. All these three movies I have watched more than twice, a whole lot more...

Next thing about myself is that I'm like other girls. Although I wish I were a tom-boy. I try my best, but on the inside I'm the same and I react the same. I was for a while obsessed about relationship's and marriage. Yes me! The girl who's always saying she doesn't want to get married( I actually really really really want it). A friend told me it's probably my biological clock. I must agree with that! It's the best excuse yet. A force of nature I can't control.

What else is there to say; I'm a silly girl waiting for some prince charming to pop out of nowhere and make my dreams (by that I mean day dreams) come true. Did I just admit I have daydreams about this? I wish I was the independent, I don't need a man kind of girl but I'm not.

Ah Well, that's who I am.

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