Thursday, June 3, 2010


I realized just now that people, most people at that, have questions for God. I myself have difficult questions for God. Not difficult in that God would find it in some way hard to give me an answer (that's absolutely ridiculous). They're difficult in a sense that they are things that we've been struggling with that cause us so much pain and we're actually scared to hear the answer. (There's a chance it's just what we don't want to hear.)

God sometimes he's mysterious, but other times he's plain and clear. But I think we're often so confused looking at the many things in this world we can't tell the difference. I also believe that there are some answers we'd never understand. It's like trying to explain some complex law in physics, say something about the flow of current or something like that to a two year old. Because God is really big (and we are what we are) it is highly possible that his level of intelligence surpasses ours.

Sometimes I think, if he's so smart, he could think up a way to simplify things for us right. Because I don't understand why I'm going through the stuff I'm going through and I wish he would just explain it to me so that I would be comforted by the fact that its really worth the trouble or just to know that there is a purpose for going through all this in my life and its not just a punishment for something I've done.

I'd really like to ask my fair share of questions to God, but I just want to be sure I'll get the answers I want and quickly.

That's all I have to say on this issue.

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