Thursday, July 1, 2010


I've been having some really weird dreams. I think they're depicting the end tim. But sometimes I just think it's my overactive imagination. Yesterday I dreamt that some person called a meeting for all the university students to tell them of his plans to rule the world and then later a lady I knew also called another meeting in campus, and I woudn't have gone if a friend of mine hadn't called me and made it sound like she was in trouble. And when I went there, then I got in trouble.
Today I was around my primary school area, walking home when a strange man was holding a gun threatening to shoot. He didn't look sane. I was trying to run away when he appeared to almost see me.

I hate these terrible nightmares. I just want my life back. Or someone to help me get on track. Because I really want to make it with God and end up in heaven with him.

Dear Jesus please help me lead a Holy life worthy of your name which you have given me and keep me from having these horrid dreams, no matter what they mean. In Jesus' name I pray!

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